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UKPNP Marked Black day 22 October in POK ,Across Europe & Canada

UKPNP Marked Black day 22 October in POK ,Across Europe & Canada

Bolan Times : United Kashmir People’s National Party ( UKPNP ) Marked 22nd October a Black day in ” Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, across Europe and Canada.

UKPNP registered  protests on 22nd October 2017 in most major cities of  ” Pakistan occupied Kashmir ” Gilgit Baltistan and across Europe including Canada to marked 22nd October the ” BLACK DAY ”

” On 22nd October 1947 Army of Pakistan disguised as tribal raiders, invaded the undivided state of Jammu and Kashmir ” .

UKPNP workers , local leaders and supporters came out on street , arranged seminars and Rallies in POK , across Europe and Canada.

UKPNP protests in ‘ Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ‘ were registered in Rawalakot , Kotili, Muzaffarabad,Gilgit , Hajirah and Across Europe ( United Kingdom , Greece , Italy, Belgium ) and Canada.

A huge public meeting and rally was registered in Rawalakot area Banbehek, UKPNP local leaders , workers , supporters chanted anti-Pakistan slogans and demanded the instant withdrawal of the Pakistan forces from the ” POK ” . second Protest was held at Hajira and Kotli ares of POK , third big protest registered at the Muzaffarabad at the Neelum Bridge .

Nabeel Mughal,  Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) said, “We are Marking  Black day and protesting at the historic Neelum Bridge in Muzaffarabad, where the tribal carried out an attack on October 22, 1947.”

In Europe , United Kingdom Capital London , United Kashmir People’s National Party organized a Demonstration in front of Pakistan Mission London Building , so many UKPN, UK leaders supporters and workers attended the protest along with others political Parties leaders , Amjad yousuf , usman kiyani from UKPN addressed to the protesters

Addressing demonstration in UK , Sardar Mahmood Kashmiri, Chairman, the Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance (JKNIA) said, “We are protesting against the division of Jammu Kashmir. On this day, in 1947, our beloved country was invaded, divided and captured by the PakistanArmy and they still continue to loot and harass the good people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir, who are living in fear as they are constantly staring down the barrel of a gun.”

United Kashmir People’s National Party Belgium , Italy Greece and Canada  chapters workers , leaders and supporters also registered a protests .

Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri , chairman , United Kashmir People’s National Party told the media that ” Pakistan claims that she is champion of self determination of people of Jammu and Kashmir but fact is this that she did not respect the right to self determination of people of Jammu and Kashmir and attacked on sovereignty and integrity of our motherland.”

He added, “It was Pakistan who first attacked J&K and compelled our ruler Maharaja Hari Singh to seek help from India. He signed a provisional treaty of accession with India to get military help. No one but Pakistan is responsible for this state of affairs«


UKPNP UK demonstration video courtesy World News TV UK

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