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The people are being eliminated for CPEC Human Rights Defenders Concerned in United Nation

The people are being eliminated for CPEC Human Rights Defenders Concerned in United Nation

Bolan Times ( Geneva ): Human Rights Defenders criticized China Pakistan Economic Corridor in a conference which was Held in United Nation Office Switzerland Geneva at the occasion of the 35th Human Rights Council Session, on 12th June 2017.

During 35th Human Rights Council session which was started in United Nation office Geneva , a Paris Based NGO with collaboration of one ECOSOC NGO orgnized a side event with  Title of ” Economical Design and Human Rights in South Asia , An Account of CPEC ”

Mr Munir Mengal President Baloch Voice Association, Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri ,  General Secretary  Jammu Kashmir International People Alliance ( JKIPA ) , Kristofer Lundberg, A Swedish Socialist Party Leader , Cludia Heidelberg A lawyer and political Thinktank from Germany , Pir Riaz from Pushtoon National Front , Dolkun ssa a well know uyghur international Representative were in the panel of the event.

Chirman United Kashmir People National Party Shukat Kashmiri said ” we Kashmiri , Baloch , Pushtoon, Sindhi, Uyghur struggle is coomon . We should struggle unitly so our people amd region people live peacefully”

Talking about Kashmir he said ” pakistan illegally occupied Kashmir from last 70 years , kashmir has became colony of Islamabd all decison came from islamabad ” ” so called Kashmir suffered from Human Rights abuses by Army and security agencies “.

Claudia Wadlich in her statement stated, According to the legal standard of International Law, Pakistan has no right to interfere in Balochistan and accordingly uses this “situation” to disregard the signed and ratified rights by this Covenant, arguing their reservations as per their constitution. In my opinion, to profit from, yet to refuse to own its obligations to Balochistan, is criminal exploitation at its worst. Pakistan is abusing the Covenant, which has no regulatory legal powers, to abnegate its obligations to occupied territories.

Pir Riaz Afghan, the Pashtoon representative sad that Pakistan has merged the land of Pashtoons in Pakistan in a very fraudulent way. The land of Pashtoon and the people both have been highly effected by the CPEC. The Pashtoon people have high reservations against CPEC.

speaking at the conference Mr. Kristofer Lundberg the representative of Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, Socialist Justice Party,  said ” Balochistan was occupied by Pakistan in 1948 followed by a brutal repression pointed at the people in the region.

“This in order to enable the exploitation of its natural resources gold, gas and chromite.While the region has been robbed of natural resources, it has been left behind and poor with a population living below the poverty line” Mr. Lundberg Said.

On issue of The China-Pakistan agreement, CPEC, he said ” CPEC is now deepening the looting of the region.China, together with Pakistan, has exploited Balochistan since 1995. Natural resources from Balochistan have been used to develop other parts of Pakistan and China for years. China and Pakistan’s economic cooperation through CPEC is now worsening the conflict in Balochistan.”

“In the trace of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC, follows militarization, colonialization, ockupations and exploitation.
People are arrested, kidnapped, murdered and disappeared in tens of thousands. This military and economic project affects large parts of the region” The Socilaist Justice Party representative added.

CPEC is so far the most costly and advanced part of the Belt and Road project where China aims to connect more than 60 countries to China economy through rail, road, energy and other infrastructure projects.The building of roads, railways and oil pipelines through Balochistan will offer an important alternative route for oil and trade from Gwandar to Xinjiang.

Kristofer Lundberg  further said ” The CPEC already has and will accelerate the repression against national minorities in Balochistan, Kashmir and Xinjiang.In order to “minimize problems for the two state projects” they both have launched a massive military operation in Balochistan.The military effort will enable the Pakistani state and Chinese dictatorship Economic Corridor.The presence of Chinese troops in Balochistan destabilizes the entire region”

” Since the CPEC project started, Balochistan has hit the worst form of human rights violations. The Pakistani state has a strategy to kill young and well-educated, especially the active layers.Teachers, students, lawyers and intellectuals have been abducted.20,000 balosh has disappeared according to Human Right Watch.5,000 have been detained and 500,000 have been forced to flee. Balochian peasants got their farms burned down.Bombing of towns and villages has become a daily routine.”

“CPEC is also part of a regional power game between Pakistan-China and India-USA. China is likely to establish a full military base in Balochistan in the coming period with the approval of the Pakistani occupying power. Gawadar port is already a semi military base for China today and have been under Chinese management for over 40 years under deals agreed by Islamabad.

The attempt to interconnect the Gwadar port in Balochistan with Chinese Xinjiang Province has met resistance in Balochistan.
The protests of the Baloch people are aimed at China being only interested in exploiting Balochistan’s natural resources on behalf of the capitalist elite in China and Pakistan and because they now risk becoming a minority in Gwadar. Successively, Gwadar is being colonized with the purpose of making the Balochs a minority. China is in need of the strategic position and plans to build a naval base to challenge the US, Gulf States and India.” The European Politician expressed concerns.

Dolkun Isa, the Uyghur people representative said that the people of East Turkistan are highly effected by CPEC, and we have been kept under deprivation from all basic rights. The fancy slogans of China that, they will give investments is false, and fraudulent.

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