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CPEC is an Illegal agreement and a disaster plan for locals. UN side event

Geneva (Bolan Times) :  Parallel to the side lines of the United Nations 34th Human Rights Council Session a conference titled ” Global Talk on Social justice and economical and Human Rights repercussions with reference to CPEC” was organized by Baloch Voice Association in coordination with Action Aides Aux Familles Demunies A.A.F.D. The Conference was moderated by the President of ... Read More »

“Balouch may seek India & other countries support in the struggle to regain sovereignty”Khan of Kalat

BOLANTIMES ( LONDON): The deja vu ruler and Khan of Kalat , His Highness Mir Suleman Ahmedzai on 23rd February 2017 while briefing a conference in the  House of Lords London said that the  Baloch may approach India and other countries for help in the struggle to regain their sovereignty. Addressing a seminar organized by The Democracy Forum London, tittled ... Read More »


BolanTimes ( FRANCE ) A seminar on ” The History of Balochistan Revisited” will be held end of this month in HOUSE OF LORDS. The Democracy Forum London has organized a Seminar on ” THE HISTORY OF BALOCHISTAN REVISITED ” which will be held on Thursday 23 February 2017 from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the House of Lords LONDON The ... Read More »

Chief of Jhalawan Expected to meet self exiled Khan of Kalat and Hairbiyar.

LONDON :-  Sanaullah Zehri the senior minister in Balochistan Provisional cabinet and Pakistan Muslim League (N) chief, in a private meeting showed his high ambitions about his expected meeting with Khan of Kalat Suleman Dawood and Hairbiyar Marri. As per the sources Sanaullah Zehri who claims himself as the chief of Jhalawan, a tribal structure administrative position, “my relation and ... Read More »

All efforts of Govt. to bring Khan of Kalat home failed

London and Quetta : The federal government tried to make arrangements to facilitate the return of the Khan of Kalat, Mir Agha Suleman Daud from the United Kingdom, where he has been living in self-imposed exile for about seven years, but the Khan of Kalat determination to stand for the rights of it’s people failed all government approaches. “The Balochistan ... Read More »

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