Thursday , 22 February 2018
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“South Korea Government violating UN Vienna Convention”Tony Marano

“South Korea Government violating UN Vienna Convention”Tony Marano

Bolan Times (Geneva): Tony Marano, an American Human Rights Activist and
American Friend of Japan said the “South Korean Government is violating the UN Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations.”

On Occasion of 34th Human Rights Council Session which was held this month in UNO office from (February to March 24th) here in Geneva, Switzerland, he said the “South Korean government is in violation of the UN Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations, Article 22, Paragraph 2 by allowing Comfort Women statues across the street from the Japanese embassy and Consulate.”

He also informed the UN council that “comfort women issue being memorialized is solely between Japan and the Korean Peninsula, the USA is nowhere in that equitation.”

He continued: “They have placed one of these memorial plaques in a New York State park dedicated to the memory of United States veterans who served during the Korean War.”

“The Korean War had nothing to do with this issue Comfort Women memorial plaques and statues across the United States. A Comfort Women statue was placed in a public park in California with a marble slab accusing the Japanese of crimes. Children seeing this in the park have in turn victimized students of Japanese ancestry.”

Tony the 68 year old American Human Right Activist in his speech raised many question to UN council, he asked “I like to ask where are the Comfort Women memorials for Korean women who were forced to be Comfort Women for the U.S. military during the last part of the last century? Also where are these memorials addressing the Vietnamese women forced by South Korean troops during the Vietnam War?”

Talking about Coomaraswamy (A UN special Reporter) report regarding Comfort women issue, He said that the report of “Radhika Coomaraswamy be rescinded due to its gross negligence in omitting any reference to the documents written by the United States Army which run in conflict to many of the details written in her report. She was deceived by a North Korean influence group”

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