Thursday , 22 February 2018
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“Republic of Korea financing a cyber group against Japan ” Ex Japanese Congress member

“Republic of Korea financing a cyber group against Japan ” Ex Japanese Congress member

Bolan Times ( GENEVA ) : Ex Japanese Congress Representative said ” Republic of Korea ( ROK ) is financing to a cyber group against Japan ”

During ongoing 36th Regular Human Rights council session which is being held here in United Nations Office Geneva Switzerland, Ms Mio Sugita, former Japanese congress representative in her yesterday’s speech told the United Nations council that ” Republic of Korea advocates ”Discount Japan Activities,” by financing to a cyber group formed by approximately 100,000 students named “VANK” (Voluntarily Agency Network of Korea) which is sub-governmental organization to spread their propaganda on internet and distort the history.
Also the government is funding to 18 activists including University professor for direct action against Japan”
In her intervention, Ms Mio Sugita, Ex Japan congress member added ” In 2015, historical sites have been registered as “Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution” at the 39th UNESCO World Heritage session”

“Republic of Korean government has started protesting by saying “Many Korean citizens were forcibly commandeered to those sites and victimized during World War II” by using fabricated photographs.”

She further added that ” This erratic Japan bashing fomented by ROK government brainwashing own innocent citizens to creates unnecessary hate toward Japan and wedges”
” Korean government should implement the treaties, stop bashing Japan to have better relationship, use the efforts to save the people committing suicide which is reportedly the highest among the OECD member nations.”

Ms Mio sugita claimed that the government is supporting a fictitious movie as an evidence of forced worker during annexation period titled “Gnkan-jima”.

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