Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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“Religious extremist keeps license to kill in Balochistan . EX Chief Minister Balochistan

“Religious extremist keeps license to kill in Balochistan . EX Chief Minister Balochistan

Bolan Times :  Balochistan National Party chief  and Ex Chief Minister Balochistan, Akhtar Mengal said ” Religious Extremist keep license to kill in Balochistan”

Chief of Balochistan National Party ( BNP ) and Ex Chief Minister Balochistan , Akhtar Mengal in his recent interview with a international Media said ” Religious Extremist Keep license to kill in Balochistan,  its not puzzle of Mathematics, Every body knows who is behind terrorism in Balochistan , Estate machinery imported Terrorism in Balochistan , Religious Extremist are free to move any where in Balochistan, Religious Terrorists keeps  Departments Identity Cards , they have given licensee to kill ”

54 Years Mengal , in his interview claimed that he can pictures of Terrorists they are standing with establishment .
Akhtar Mengal added that ” Pakistan helped and supported Taliban in Afghanistan, was it for Islam , Pakistan or dollars . we sold Pakistan for Dollars ”

Balochistan National Party chief further said ” In Pakistan Establishment is more powerful then Democratic Government , Establishment never considered Balochistan is Part of Pakistan , Establishment considered Balochistan is a colony , Mengal assured that ”  Situation in Balochistan will not change till Establishment consider Balochistan is Part of Pakistan ”

” Due to Establishment recent polices , young Generation in Balochistan is hopeless ” He ended .

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