Friday , 19 January 2018
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“Pump eight bullets into the head of these Baloch” – Pakistani TV Host

“Pump eight bullets into the head of these Baloch” – Pakistani TV Host

Racist language and bigotry against the Baloch people of Balochistan aired on live TV in Pakistan. The culprit was Dr. Shahid Masood on his nightly show. During the show he refers to the Baloch people as ‘genetically’ RAW agents and describes them as the most corrupt people in Pakistan.

please put some light on dirty game of Pakistani agencies which they have started to divide Pashtun & Baluch nationalists. The recent attack on Pashtuns in Baluchistan was a part of that game. In which Pakistani agencies killed 25 innocent Pashtuns in the guise of Baluch freedom fighters. Now, we know very well that Baluchs & Pashtuns have no differences. Both wish to get rid of Pakistan.

Why this begot and racist does not highlight the historical facts and his army’s dirty role for the last 65 years in Balochistan? Why this hypocrite is so blind to see the facts that Balochistan is being controlled by the porkistani military since its forceful occupation in 1948? The pak army manipulated every election and inducted its own croonies in the helm of affairs in Balochistan. The Pakistan’s badmash army never allowed to created a space for the ligitimate leaderships of the Balochistan. The pak. army used every effort to promote religious extemism in order to marginalize the progressiv

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