Thursday , 22 February 2018
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“Japan’s Official Aid for Pakistan need to be scrutinized”

“Japan’s Official Aid for Pakistan need to be scrutinized”

Bolan Times ( Geneva ) : A well known Japanese Human Rights defender and a member of 23 NGOs alliance from Japan said “Japanese tax payer’s money must be scrutinized when it goes for Pakistan in shape of Developments”

In his recent interview talking with our correspondent, Japanese human Rights defender Mr. Shunichi Fujiki said that “Japanese Official Development Aid (ODA) which is from our tax payer’s money must be scrutinized when goes for Pakistan. Because we had been told by Japanese Government that money goes for Development of dams, schools and other infrastructures are basically stands in trust basis but once if the money is handed to the Pakistan government, it becomes out of control, which is really surprised us. Japanese government does not know how the aid-money has been used well. This is wrong and irresponsible. We requested to the Japanese government to put conditions such as to obey fundamental human rights on Pakistan Aids ”

Mr. Shunichi Fujiki also mentioned “To help the development of other nations are good because we know some people in Pakistan are living in bad conditions so giving ODA to them is good but on the other hand, the government himself suppressing Baloch people in Baluchistan need to be stopped immediately.”

“We wrote letters to our government as well as to our diet members include High level officials to carry out investigations of the human rights situation in Balochistan.”

“However we don’t think Pakistani Government would provide the accurate datas or details if our Foreign Ministry of Affairs ask about the situation of Baloch people in Balochistan to their counterpart in Pakistani government. Therefore we requested Japanese Government to “hire some private investigators or intelligence to monitor what is really happening in Balochistan.”

“We, Japanese people are very shocked to know about the serious violations of the Human Rights in Balochistan, we felt bigest concerned on it” he ended.

It’s been noted that last month in May 2017 , alliance of 23 NGOs of Japan had organized a symposium in Japanese National Diet Building in Tokyo, there in Tibetans, South Mongolians, East Turkistans, Baloch Human Rights defenders and Exiled King of Balochistan Khan of Kalat attended.

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