Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Japanese Demand to UN to send special Rapporteur again in Comfort women issue

Japanese Demand to UN to send special Rapporteur again in Comfort women issue

Bolan Times ( Geneva Correspondent ) Representative of Japanese NGO demand United Nation to send a Special Rapporteur to Japan to conduct more details hearing and literature investigation

Alliance for Truth about comfort women ( A group of 24th Combined NGO of Japan Representative Mitsuhiko Fujii made this demand last week in United Nation Office Geneva Switzerland during 35th Human Right Council session.

He said ” I researched and study the comfort women issues described in the coomaraswamy report in 1996, the Report cites the results of hearing investigations which claim that comfort women had been mutilated and beheaded and so on , but this information organized from North Korea according to my investigation ”

” The book which formed the basis of the coomaraswaamy report we identified 74 references, on our study of those references, we found that 32 of them had inaccurate information and more than 200 factual errors. Surprisingly, some of the references originate from comic books. It is a serious problem that Coomaraswamy investigation was based on literature including comic books and filled with Propaganda information ”

He further pointed out that ” currently the group leading the comfort women issue in South Korea are managed by North Korea and their propaganda has led Japanese young people for facing bullying in United States ”

In last He demand to United Nation that Japanese people request more investigation to be conducted for this an another Special Rapporteur must send to Japan for further investigation .


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