Thursday , 22 February 2018
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“Islamabad is looting the resources in POK ” Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri

“Islamabad is looting the resources in POK ” Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri

Bolan Times ( Geneva ):  A well know Kashmiri exile leader Shukat Kashmiri said ” Islamabad looting resources of Kashmiri people “.

United Kashmir National Party had orgnized a side event with ACI NGO having ECOSOC status on 14th June in United Nation Office Geneva during 35th Human Rights Council session .

Sardar Shukat Kasmiri in his speech said ” Islamabd is controlling so called Azad Kashmir, all transfer posting and others orders come from Army Establishment,

” They are looting our all resources, Islamabad establishment is violating the human rights in that region , kidnapping , killing has became common practice in the socalled Azad Kashmir ” he added

Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri along with Munir Mengal , President Baloch Voice Association, Cludia Heidelberg, A lawyer from Germany, Hidyatullha , Represntative of World Simdhi congress , and Nasir Aziz khan a human right defender and freelance journalist also addressed in the conference.

President Baloch Voice Association, Munir Mengal said ” Islamic state Pakistan with different tactics violating Human rights in country , We all Sindhi , Balouch kashmiri and pishtoon are victims are islamic state Pakistan ”

“Présent situion in Balochistan described virtual Martialla in Balochistan. A very heavy Army deployment in all Areas of Balochistan specially in Gawadar “.

Nasir Aziz khan said ” thousands of  kashmiri are being killed and kidnapped in socalled Azad Kashmir , Pakistan Government Islamabad declared Azad Kashmir a Security zone amid they can arrest anybody “.

Hidyatullha Bhutto, a world sindhi Congress representative also criticized Pakistan government regarding human rights voilation in the region. He presented a detailed account of statics that how the people of Sindh had been kept deprived from basic rights.

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