Thursday , 22 February 2018
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HumanRights Defenders and Party leaders strongly condemned Punhal Sario Abduction

HumanRights Defenders and Party leaders strongly condemned Punhal Sario Abduction

Bolan Times  ( LONDON ) : Human Rights Defenders and Party Leaders strongly condemned the abduction of Punhal Sario,the  convenor of Voice for missing person of Sindh.

According to Deupty Convenor of voice for Missing Person Sindh , on 3rd August , between 7 pm to 8 pm, Punhal Sario disappeard from Sindh.

Sindhi , Baloch , Kashmiri and Pushtoon Human Rights defenders and leaders strongly condemned abdication of Punhal Sario.

Exile Kashmiri leader of United Kashmir Peoples Nationa Party , ( UKPNP ) Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri said ” Pakistan became more and more irresponsible country in all mean . HumanRights defenders like Kashmiri , Sindhi , Baloch , Pushtoon, urdu speakers, Ahmidi, Hazaras , christens no any one is safe from Pakistan secret Agencies, whenever wherever they want they kidnap, arrest , they have license to kill and sump ”

Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri added that ” UKPNP not only strongly condemned but also raise this serious issue in international forums”

A prominent Baloch Human Rights Activist and President of Baloch Voice Association Munir Mengal in his statement said ” Unfortunately the Islamic state is using enforced disappearance as a tool to eliminate the nationalist and secular voices of people. We the Baloch and particularly I myself has been a victim of enforced disappearance and as per different reports more then 24000 Baloch people are missing and in the similarly thousands of people have been reported got disappeared by force from Sindh. ”

Mengal Added ” I personally and particularly Baloch Voice Association condemns all sorts of enforced disappearance that happen any part of the world. Baloch Voice will try to seek the attention of the UNO bodies todays the enforced disappearances in Pakistan particularly of the Baloch and Sindhi political and human rights activists in the coming 37th UN Human Rights Council Session. Sindhi victimized brothers we the Baloch feel the pain and sufferings of you, we are with you ”

Shafi Burfat , chairmen Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz ( JSMM ) said ” Pakistan establishment became coward and acting more cruel , my party strongly condemned the abduction of Punhal Sario and we appeal to international organizations to intervene and play theirs rule for release of a innocent Sindhi human Rights defender ”

A Uk based sindhi Organization , World Sindhi Congress ( WAC ) in his recent press statement said ” WSC condemns disappearance of Punhal Sario convener of Voice of Missing Persons of Sindh who is struggling for enforced disappeared of Sindhi political activist in Sindh Pakistan.”

” He has announced a conference of political parties, writers and civil society on August 4th at Hyderabad to discuss the issue. Apparently security agencies wouldn’t like the issue of enforced disappearance discussed by anyone in Sindh. It is ironically that person struggling for the enforced disappearances himself become victim of cruel practice. ”

” We demand immediately release of Saaiin Punhal Sario and end the practice of enforced disappearances”
Pushtoon and Hazara also stronglly condemned the abduction and showed theirs anger against abduction in social Media .

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