Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Exiled leaders and Human Rights Defenders opposed recent Judicial Decision

Exiled leaders and Human Rights Defenders opposed recent Judicial Decision

Bolan Times ( London ) : Exiled Human Rights defenders and Exile Political leaders opposed recent Judicial Decision of Pakistan Judiciary.

Talking to Bolan times , lawyer and Kashmiri peoples Representative in United Nation and European Parliament, Exile leader of United Kashmir Peoples National Party ( UKPNP ) said that ” The Supreme Court of Pakistan today`s verdict of disqualification of elected Prime Minister,  is the worst judgment of judicial history of Pakistan likewise Molvi Tamezuddin`s case, Begum Nusrat case, Zafar Ali Shah`s case and Yousaf Raza Gilani`s case and as well as Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto`s judicial murder case”

“Today this Day and date of 28th July 2017 is considered as the Black day of judicial history . The instant judgment will destabilize the democratic institutions and the democratic process in Pakistan, which are already week ….. and facing challenges as well as crisis.”

Sardar Shaukat Kashmiri further said that” It is a Black judgment of the judiciary done without wisdom and by the judges seems being no conscious.The instant judgment is fabricated as well as designed by the so called elite and feudal class in convince with the military autocracy and civil bureaucracy backed by religious Mullahs forces who don’t believe in democracy as well as rule of law in the country.”

“The Supreme Court has been used as a tool for the removal of elected Prime Ministers as well as replacement of former article of 58(2B)of constitution of 1973. This world is full of examples of judicial murders like Socrates, the Jesus Christ, Imam Hussain as said by Mualana Abdul Kalam Azad (late).”

Sardar Shukat Kashmiri added ” Instant judgment will be remembered in the Global history as judicial murder of democracy, democratic process and constitutional process, as well as rule of law and defeated the concept of respect of people`s mandate. Wisdom doesn’t prevail in this judgment and this has blocked the democratic progress and economic development, it will promote religious violence, poverty and intolerance.”

Ending his tatment he said ” Th Black judgment of 28th July 2017 by the Apex court of Pakistan is replacement of “Operation Midnight Jackal” which was chalked out against Benazir Bhutto for removal through No Confidence Move;”

A Baloch Human Rights Activist and President Baloch voice Association Munir Mengal react on the decision and said ” I see the Pakistani Army Commandos in action under the Gaon of Judges. This decision is the second round of Imran, Qadri Darnas. Final aim of this decision is to bring khaki cracy rule in Pakistan through more obedient stooges.”

Adding more Mengal said ” This move played by establishment to get the share of khakis from CPEC. The Army through this decision showed that they can not be kept deprived from the CPEC bounty.”

Famous Sindhi Political Leader Shafi Burfat , Chairmen, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz said ” Real owners ( Pakistani Army ) used Judiciary against a democratic Government , if any one do not follow the dictations which comes  from Pak Army they can use any institution against it and the recent decision is a big example too, this is now clear that who is ruling Pakistan with power.”

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