Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Day 68 of #VBMPLongMarch from Quetta to Islamabad.

Day 68 of #VBMPLongMarch from Quetta to Islamabad.

VBMP to continue peaceful historic march despite life threats from Pakistan intelligence agencies

Today was day 41 of #VBMPLongMarch from Karachi and 68 from Quetta to Islamabad.

The Baloch Long March started walking 17 Kilometre away from Fazulpur and walked for 28 KMs before stopping 10 Kilometre away from Mohammadpur area.

The participants of VBMP have been chanting slogans for release of abducted Baloch and urging UN and international media to raise their voice against disappearances, continuous military operations and kill and dump policy of state in Balochistan.

Hundreds of members of Baloch Community have welcomed and joined the march on the way to Fazulpur and Mohammadpur. The supporters of march also raise slogans against human rights violations and urged the Pakistan government to release all abducted Baloch immediately.

The Pakistani intelligence agencies have been fallowing the marchers from past three days. They continue to harass and terrorise the participants of march in their effort to put more pressure on them and force them to quit the walk for justice.

Qadeer Baloch told Balochwarna News that the intelligence agencies keep on asking him about the number of protesters and their names.

He said: “I refused to give them any information and told them that we protesting peacefully. We have the right to protest under any law. You cannot stop us by using such intimidating tactics.”

He said that the march will continue and if anything happened to any participants of march or any members of public the head of Pakistan ISI, governor Punjab and the entire government of Punjab will be held responsible for that.

He also thanked the Baloch Community for their support, hospitability and cooperation with marchers.


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