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International communities and organizations should take notice of military operations in Mashkay. Baloch Voice Association appealed

Brussels (Bolan Times) : The aerial bombardments,  killings of people, and ashing of houses in the name of military operations are inhuman acts of the Pakistani state forces. The military operation in Mashkay and it’s surrounding aimed to elimination of the Baloch people Baloch Voice Association appeals from the International powers, and organizations i.e. European Union, United Nations and USA ... Read More »

چین نے سی پیک کے تحت سڑکوں کے منصوبوں کی مالی امداد روک دی

اسلام آباد:   چین نے پاک چین اقتصادی راہداری (سی پیک) کے تحت سڑکوں کے نیٹ کے بعض منصوبوں کی مالی امداد عارضی طور پر روک دی۔ ایک سینئر سرکاری اہلکار نے ڈان کو بتایا کہ چین نے اس حوالے سے فیصلہ کیا ہے کہ بیجنگ سے جاری ہونے والی نئی ہدایات تک یہ امداد روکی جائے گی۔ یہ فیصلہ ... Read More »

Italian Senators raise question in the Senate to Stop Pakistan’s GSP Plus and ask to stop Persecution against Christians in Pakistan

Italian Senators raise question in the Senate to Stop Pakistan’s GSP Plus and ask to stop Persecution against Christians in Pakistan Rome (News Desk): Members of the Italian Senate Mr. Domenico DE SIANO, Mr. Franco CARDIELLO, Mr. Enzo FASANO, Mr. Cosimo SIBILIA, Mr. Domenico AURICCHIO Raised a question to the Italian Minister of the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ... Read More »

Lebanon’s prime minister resigns, saying he cannot tolerate Iranian interference and fears assassination

The Telegraph : Lebanon’s prime minister resigned abruptly on Saturday, saying that he was stepping down in protest at Iran’s interference in his country and feared he would be assassinated like his father 12 years ago. Saad al-Hariri announced his resignation from Saudi Arabia and the move appeared to have been done in coordination with Riyadh, which sees Iran as ... Read More »

ISI and hired goons behind abduction of my wife – Dr Allah Nazar

Famous Baloch leader and head of Balochistan Liberation Front, Dr. Allah Nazar, has alleged that ISI and its hired agents are behind abduction of his wife and child from Quetta. In a fresh tweet the Baloch leader said that ISI and its “hired goons” Ali Haidar M. Hassani and Mehrullah M. Hassani are involved in abduction of his wife and ... Read More »

Senate Recommends Different Slabs Of Gas For Domestic Consumer Of Balchistan

Quetta (Web Desk): The Senate has recommended to make three different slabs for tariff of natural gas in Balochistan for domestic consumers. According to details, Senator Usman Khan Kakar moved the resolution in the Upper House that presented recommendation. In contrast, another resolution moved by Azam Khan Swati, the House recommended necessary amendments in the relevant laws to make provision of stringent punishment for those manufacturing spurious and ... Read More »

“Pakistani Security agencies Kidnapped Dr Allha Nazar family”

Bolan Times ( Media News ) : Pakistani Security agencies kidnapped family of Dr Allha Nazar Baloch from Balochistan. According to Media Reports Pakistani Security agencies kidnapped family of Pro Independent Leader of  Baloch Libration Front ( BFL ) Dr Allha Nazar Baloch from Quetta  Balochistan. Baloch National Movement leader Kachkool Ali Advocate and BSO Azad spokesperson conformed the kidnapping ... Read More »

Iran Will Continue To Produce Missiles: Rouhani

Tehran (Reuters): Iran will continue to produce missiles for its defense and does not consider that a violation of international accords, President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday in a speech broadcast on state television. Rouhani spoke days after the US House of Representatives voted for new sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program, part of an effort to clamp down on Tehran without immediately moving to undermine an international nuclear agreement. ... Read More »

BSO azad leader Shahnawaz Baloch, who was martyred after the Pakistani forces raided the second day marriadge

BSO azad leader Shahnawaz Baloch, who was martyred after the Pakistani forces raided the second day of marriage, last night, his widow Farah Baloch was thrown from window by Rangers and secret agencies throwing down from the third floor in the Gulistan jehr in Karachi. The reason why it sprouted her spinal cord. While BHO Information Secretary Nawaz Atta took ... Read More »

Rights Defender and General Secretary of BHRO was disappeared by force.

Karachi (Bolan Times) : Nawaz Atta with Eight including minors and family members was disappeared by force by the Pakistani security and secret forces BHRO representatives claimed at Karachi Press Club. The security forces including uniformed and non uniformed personals (plain clothed) raided the house of Nawaz Atta might night at 2:00 AM and took away the males  severely beaten,injured ... Read More »

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