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BNP demand for Inquiry in Education Department Balochistan

Bolan Times ( QUETTA ) : Balochistan National Party demands for inquiry in Education Department of Balochistan. In a current statement the Balochistan National Party showed its concerned on corruptions in Education Department of Balochistan and said that it is very strange that after so many corruptions and fabrication in records in Education Department of Balochistan nor any federal investigation ... Read More »

” CPEC may signify a game over ” Ex Economic Advisor CM Balochistan

Bolan Times : Kaiser Bengali,  Ex Economic Advisor of Chief Minister ( CM )Balochistan said that ” China Pakistan Economic Corridor may signify a game over ” instead of a game changer in Pakistan . Dr Kaiser Bengali , Ex Economic Advisor of ( CM ) Balochistan , a senior economist, as well as consultant/national coordinator for Benazir Income Support ... Read More »

Trump to visit Asia Nov. 3-14, focus on North Korea, alliances

Washington (Reuters): US President Donald Trump will travel to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hawaii between Nov . 3-14, the White House said on Monday, amid rising tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. Trump will “call on the international community to join together in maximizing pressure on North Korea ,” the White House said in ... Read More »

چین نے آرامکو کے حصص خریدنے کی پیشکش کردی

ریاض: سعودی ویژن 2030 کے تحت سعودی تیل کی سرکاری کمپنی آرامکو کے حصص فروخت کرنے کے لیے باقاعدہ منصوبہ بندی شروع ہو چکی ہے ۔ اور کئی ممالک کی طرف سے پیشکشیں آنا بھی شروع ہو گئی ہیں  ۔حالیہ نئی پیشکش میں چین کی سرکاری کمپنیوں نے آرامکو کے 5فیصد حصص براہ راست خریدنے کی پیشکش کردی۔ اس سے ... Read More »

افغان سرحدی علاقے میں ایک اور ڈرون حملہ، ہلاکتوں کا خدشہ

کرم ایجنسی: افغان سرحدی علاقے میں ایک اور ڈرون حملہ کیا گیا جس میں ہلاکتوں کا خدشہ ظاہر کیا گیا۔گزشتہ روز بھی افغان سرحدی علاقے میں امریکی ڈرون حملہ کیا گیا جس میں 20 افراد ہلاک اور 10 زخمی ہوئے جب کہ حملے میں 6 میزائل داغے گئے تھے۔ نجی ٹی وی کے مطابق افغانستان کے سرحدی علاقے خرلاچی کے ... Read More »

Four nations meet to resume stalled Afghan peace talks in Oman

ISLAMABAD: Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the United States met in Oman on Monday to try to find ways of reviving peace talks with Afghan Taliban militants, two officials in Pakistan´s foreign ministry said. It was not clear whether any Afghan Taliban had joined the talks, which have so far failed to restart a tentative process that collapsed in 2015. Taliban ... Read More »

14 suspected terrorists killed in US drone strike in Afghanistan

Kabul (Agencies): At least 14 suspected terrorists were killed in a US drone strike in a remote area of Afghanistan’s eastern Kunar province, Afghan officials said. Abdul Ghani Musamim, spokesman for the provincial governor, said that the strike took place on Thursday afternoon in the Chawkay district. He said it targeted a meeting of IS commanders planning for a terrorist ... Read More »

‘Saved Aishwarya from Hollywood producer’s sexual advances’

Mumbai (Web Desk): Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai’s former manager claimed that the actress had been saved from the sexual advances of Hollywood studio boss Harvey Weinstein, local media reported. “I used to manage Indian actress Aishwarya Rai. While dealing with Harvey I found it comical how hard he tried to get Aishwarya alone. But he was a pig… looked and ... Read More »

Trump’s ‘deal-making skills’ can help resolve Kashmir issue: US vice-president-elect Pence

Washington: – US vice-president-elect Mike Pence has said that Donald Trump could use his “extraordinary deal-making skills” to reduce tensions around the world and resolve problems, including the Kashmir issue. In his interview with the NBC News, Mike Pence said that the new US administration intends to be ‘fully engaged’ in South Asia and with India and Pakistan on issues ... Read More »

No judge has right to decide a case wrongly: CJP Saqib Nisar

Lahore (Staff Report): Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar says no judge has the right to give decision through wrongdoing and they are bound to keep law in mind before passing judgment. Speaking at the concluding event of the second “Women Judges’ Conference” in Lahore, Saqib Nisar that the Constitution of Pakistan gives equal rights to every citizen ... Read More »

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