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A delegation of Human Rights Activists will meet and Brief the UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan. Baloch Voice Association

Bolan Times ( Geneva ) : A Delegation of Human Rights and political  activists will be meeting the members of the UN Working Group on enforced disappearances on 15th September 2017 in Palais Willson. The delegation will include the members of Baloch , Sindhi and Kashmiri Human Rights and Political representatives.  The delegation will be lead by European Senior Lawyer Randi ... Read More »

Evolution and development of civilization, identities, and cultures in South Asia. JSMM Conference

Bolan Times (Frankfurt): In a Press release the JSMM Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz political party of Sindh has invited all the political and human rights activists to join the JSMM Conference. JSMM is going to organize a conference in the Press Club of Frankfurt, Germany on the 28th August 2017. The conference is aimed to elaborate the delevopment of civilization ... Read More »

“Balochistan is aptly described as a virtual martial law” Munir Mengal

Bolan Times ( Geneva ): President Baloch Voice Association said ” Balochistan is aptly described as a virtual martial law, ” During the 35th Human Rights Council Session which is running in United Nation Office Geneva Switzerland, Mengal said ” Despite of the state accession to international conventions on human rights, their participation in the UN human rights mechanisms and their lofty ... Read More »

Developing Combined strategic plans with Friends of Baloch is highly needed. Munir Mengal

Europe (Bolan Times): The President of Baloch Voice Association (NGO) Mr. Munir Mengal visited some of the European Countries and shared views to the friends and well wishers of the Baloch people. On 8th February Mr. Mengal met with some of the Uyghur and Tibetan Political and Human rights representatives in Bruxelles, Belgium. Where in the European Parliament a very ... Read More »

BNP Organizing an other seminar on CPEC in Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD: Balochistan National Party (BNP) will organise a day-long seminar to discuss matters relating to Gwadar port, the establishment of technical colleges and training centers for youth and marine university at Gwadar, here on Tuesday. Ex-Chief Minister, Balochistan Sardar Akhtar Mengal will chair the seminar to be attended by intellectuals, lawyers, writers and journalists from across the country. Central General ... Read More »

Questions about Balochistan are unbearable irrespective of venue. Pakistan Foreign Secretary

Bruxelles (Bolan Times): The Pakistan Foreign Secretary Mr. Aizaz A. Chaudry was invited by European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS) for a conversation on Peace and security in South Asia on his visit to Bruxelles, Belgium. When Mr. Munir Mengal the president of Baloch Voice Association asked a question indicating the concerns of the Baloch people about the CPEC projet. ... Read More »

Pathankot attack: Interpol issues red corner notice against Masood Azhar

NEW DELHI (Bolan Times ): The Interpol has issued red corner notice against Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Maulana Masood Azhar and his brother Abdul Rauf for their alleged role in the conspiracy to attack the strategic Indian Air Force base in Pathankot .NIA had sought the red corner notice against Masood Azhar, his brother Abdul Rauf, Kashif Jan and Shahid Latif, ... Read More »

Floods and Landslides in Sri Lanka Leave Dozens Dead

COLOMBO (News Desk – Bolan Times) : At least 34 people were killed in landslides and flash floods and hundreds of thousands were displaced, Sri Lankan officials said on Wednesday, as torrential rains and gusting winds continued to lash the country just days after the beginning of the monsoon season.Rescue workers recovered at least 15 bodies from two major landslides ... Read More »

No breakthrough at Syria talks as violence rages

VIENNA (Bolan Times- News Desk) – World power talks on ending the Syrian conflict broke up with no clear breakthrough Tuesday as new faction-fighting erupted and the death toll continued to mount.US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov said the Syria contact group they co-chair had agreed to bolster a shaky ceasefire.But underlying disagreements between ... Read More »

بلوچ اور سندھی اقوام کو حقوق کیلئے ملکر جدوجہد کرنی چاہئے ،خلیل بلوچ

کوئٹہ: بی این ایم کے چیئرمین خلیل بلوچ نے جی ایم سید کی 21ویں برسی کے موقع پر اپنے ایک آڈیوپیغام میں کہا ہے کہ مجھے خوشی ہے کہ آج آپ سے مخاطب ہونے کاشرف مجھے ملِا مجھے اورزیادہ خوشی ہوتی اگرمیں اس اہم تقریب میں آپ کے درمیان موجودہو تا،آزادی اورجدوجہدکیلئے آپ کے عزم،جوش اورولولے کواپنی آنکھوں سے دیکھتا لیکن ... Read More »

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