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“China Pakistan Economicr Corridor Project Violate Human Rights ” BRP

Bolan Times ( Geneva ): Baloch Republican Party UN representative said that ” The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects between China & Pakistan violate basic human rights including Article 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Balochistan.” Baloch Republican Party ( BRP ) Representative wirh Coordination of one ECOSOC NGO delivered his speech today ... Read More »

“Approximately 10 Million victims of Discrimination in Balochistan “

Bolan Times ( Geneva ): A well Known Baloch Human Rights Activist and President of Baloch Voice Association Munir Mengal said ” Approximately 10 Million People are victims of discrimination in Balohistan ” Addressing here on Tuesday 19th June 2018 in United Nation Switzerland Geneva office , during ongoing 35th Human Rights council session President BVA said “The islamic state of ... Read More »

JSMM Registered a Protest in Germany

BOLAN TIMES ( Germany ) : Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz ( JSMM ) Registered a Protest in Frankfurt Germany on 17th June 2017. Talking to our Geneva Correspondent via Telephone the Chairman JSMM , Shafi Burfat said ” The aim of protest was to Rising the issue of enforced disappearances in Occupied Sindh and atrocities of Fascist Islamic Theocratic State ... Read More »

“so called Azad Kashmir really has remained a colony” Nasir Aziz Khan

Bolan Times ( Geneva ): Nasir Aziz Khan a Represetative of Pakistan side kashmir and a key Party memeber of United Kashmir Peoples National Party ( UKPNP ) nformed United Nation that “so called Azad Kashmir is supposed to be a self-governing state, it really has remained a colony of Pakistan” Yesterday 16th June 2017, Speaking on his intervention during 35th ... Read More »

“Balochistan is aptly described as a virtual martial law” Munir Mengal

Bolan Times ( Geneva ): President Baloch Voice Association said ” Balochistan is aptly described as a virtual martial law, ” During the 35th Human Rights Council Session which is running in United Nation Office Geneva Switzerland, Mengal said ” Despite of the state accession to international conventions on human rights, their participation in the UN human rights mechanisms and their lofty ... Read More »

“Islamabad is looting the resources in POK ” Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri

Bolan Times ( Geneva ):  A well know Kashmiri exile leader Shukat Kashmiri said ” Islamabad looting resources of Kashmiri people “. United Kashmir National Party had orgnized a side event with ACI NGO having ECOSOC status on 14th June in United Nation Office Geneva during 35th Human Rights Council session . Sardar Shukat Kasmiri in his speech said ” ... Read More »

The people are being eliminated for CPEC Human Rights Defenders Concerned in United Nation

Bolan Times ( Geneva ): Human Rights Defenders criticized China Pakistan Economic Corridor in a conference which was Held in United Nation Office Switzerland Geneva at the occasion of the 35th Human Rights Council Session, on 12th June 2017. During 35th Human Rights Council session which was started in United Nation office Geneva , a Paris Based NGO with collaboration ... Read More »

Japanese Demand to UN to send special Rapporteur again in Comfort women issue

Bolan Times ( Geneva Correspondent ) Representative of Japanese NGO demand United Nation to send a Special Rapporteur to Japan to conduct more details hearing and literature investigation Alliance for Truth about comfort women ( A group of 24th Combined NGO of Japan Representative Mitsuhiko Fujii made this demand last week in United Nation Office Geneva Switzerland during 35th Human ... Read More »

Baloch Voice Association Protest front of UN office

Bolan Times ( Geneva ):  Baloch Voice Association NGO, Registered a protest on 12th June 2017 in front of UN Office Geneva Switzerland againstthe  China Pakistan Economic Corridor  known as CPEC. On monday at 11:00 hrs the  human Rights Activist and representatives of the Baloch , Kashmir, Pashtoon, and Uyghur from Europe Gathergathered at the  front of United Nation Office ... Read More »

“Japan’s Official Aid for Pakistan need to be scrutinized”

Bolan Times ( Geneva ) : A well known Japanese Human Rights defender and a member of 23 NGOs alliance from Japan said “Japanese tax payer’s money must be scrutinized when it goes for Pakistan in shape of Developments” In his recent interview talking with our correspondent, Japanese human Rights defender Mr. Shunichi Fujiki said that “Japanese Official Development Aid ... Read More »