Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Baloch Voice Association Protest front of UN office

Baloch Voice Association Protest front of UN office

Bolan Times ( Geneva ):  Baloch Voice Association NGO, Registered a protest on 12th June 2017 in front of UN Office Geneva Switzerland againstthe  China Pakistan Economic Corridor  known as CPEC.

On monday at 11:00 hrs the  human Rights Activist and representatives of the Baloch , Kashmir, Pashtoon, and Uyghur from Europe Gathergathered at the  front of United Nation Office Geneva in Switzerland,  to register their protest against the economical and strategic designs of China Pakistan.

Munir Mengal , President Baloch Voice Association, Shukat Kashmiri a well known senior politician and the Chairman of the United Kashmir National People Party , Pir Riaz Afghan from Pushtoon National Front, Shanwari Shan Baba, President of Pushtoonistan Front with other supporters and friends of the Pashtoonistan, Claudia Heidelberg a political thinker and writer, Dolkin Dolkun Isa World Uyghur Congress General Secretary addressed at the event and presented the congress of the people against CPEC.  At the end of the event a joint statement was read and agreed by all and was submitted to the United Nations Geneva Office.

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